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All Meetings of the Flint Genealogical Society are free and open to the public.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  These are announced in our monthly Newsletter and, at times, through special membership mailings and the local media.  See the Events link on our Home page for details on our Next Meeting.
Membership Meetings - 7:00PM on the first Tuesday of each month, except July and August.  Guest speakers cover a variety of topics.  Light refreshments are provided at the close of the formal meeting by the FGS Hospitality Committee.  Remember to bring your written questions.  Someone has probably had a similar problem and will be glad to assist you.
Executive Committee Meetings - 1:00PM on the last Tuesday of each month, except June and July.  Subject to change, but usually held at the Sloan Archives. See Map below.


Queries submitted to the Flint Genealogical Society (FGS) are not posted on-line and cannot be accepted by e-mail.  We do, however, publish queries in the Flint Genealogical Quarterly. There is no charge to members or non-members, but they must be submitted by REGULAR POSTAL MAIL only. We do request that they be legibly written (preferably printed or typed), and we request that you limit them to 50 words or less, and include the DATE and PLACE with the ancestor's name whenever possible. Our Quarterly Editor heartily welcomes queries, so don't hesitate to send yours in.

Address your query submission to:

FGS Quarterly Editor
POB 1217
Flint, MI 48501-1217


If you are interested in having your queries posted online, we suggest you contact the USGenWeb. It is set-up for receiving queries by e-mail and posting them on the Web. We fully support them in this endeavor and see no useful purpose in duplicating their wonderful efforts. At the USGenWeb county-level, any query will be accepted that pertains to that particular county. "General queries" where the county within a state is unknown, are accepted at the state-level. If you wish to submit an e-mail query, the hyperlinks below will take you to the USGenWeb home page for Genesee County or the State of Michigan.

Genesee County MIGenWeb site:   http://genesee.migenweb.net

  State of Michigan USGenWeb site:  http://www.migenweb.net 



All resources published or acquired by the Flint Genealogical Society (FGS) are freely available locally for public use by any researcher. Our acquisitions are donated to and housed at the Flint Public Library for use during normal operating hours. Copies of all FGS Publications are donated to the Flint Public Library and the Genesee County District Library, and are also available for use or purchase (Wednesday's only) at the Sloan Archives Building of the Sloan Museum.

Excluding Holidays, FGS Volunteers provide free assistance to researchers each Wednesday at the Perry Archives (10am-4pm), each Friday at the Genesee County Clerks Office (9am-4pm) and six days per week at the Flint Public Library (Mon-Thr, 9am to 9pm; Fri-Sat, 9am to 6pm).

The Society also accepts limited, initial research requests mainly for those home-bound or living at great distances. Requests may be submitted by email or regular postal mail, but MUST contain the POSTAL ADDRESS of the sender. Such requests are normally limited to one or two names, a husband and wife for instance, that can be looked up in easily accessible records. If sent by regular postal mail, the request must include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope). In addition, the requester is responsible for copying and postage fees. The requester will be notified, by email or postal mail, of the accumulated charges and these must be paid (US funds only, to "Flint Genealogical Society") before any materials will be sent.

Although copying costs vary, they typically run from 10 to 25 cents for xerox copies, 25 cents to $1 for microfilm/microfiche, and $3 for non-certified Court House records (within Michigan legislative limitations).

To avoid duplication of research, the request should state what sources have already been consulted. We normally will refer to:

  1. FGS Surname Card File (index of Member ancestral/pedigree charts)
  2. Federal Census & indexes
  3. Vital records indexes
  4. Cemetery indexes
  5. County histories
  6. Atlases
  7. City/county directories
  8. Family histories/biographies
  9. High School Yearbooks
  10. Obituary Index - Flint Public Library
  11. Obituary Scrapbooks - Sloan Archives
  12. Merle Perry's Notebooks on Genesee County Families - Sloan Archives


As much as we enjoy genealogy and sharing information, as an all-volunteer organization we cannot afford to do extensive free research or to cover the costs of copying or postage for the many requests received each year.

We welcome and encourage donations to our Society. Since FGS is a non-profit organization with IRS 501(3)(c) status, any donations beyond actual costs are tax-deductible and benefit many researchers by allowing us to expand our resource acquisitions.

Any research request beyond the initial limit of one or two names, which does not include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope), or which requires extensive research, can only be referred to local researchers who perform such services for a fee.

FGS maintains a list of local researchers who accept paid research requests. While these researchers are members of FGS, they provide this service independently on their own. Although the fees charged will probably vary from one researcher to another, in general they presently charge around $10 per hour plus copying and postage. A current list of researchers will be supplied upon request through email or regular postal mail.


Flint Public Library
Located at 1026 East Kearsley Street at Crapo, Flint, Michigan, 48502, ph: (810) 232-7111, ext. 2568.  The genealogical and local resources are found in the General Reference Department.  Our own Society Volunteers assist the Library staff in serving visitors during select hours.  It is currently open
Tues. thru Thurs. 11:00am - 8:00pm and Fri & Sat. 9:00am to 6:00pm.


Genesee County District Library
Located at G-4195 West Pasadena Avenue, Flint, Michigan 48504, ph: (810) 732-0110, located just west of Flint. You will find a growing collection of both genealogical materials and local historical information.


Genesee County Court House
Located at 1101 Beach Street, Flint, Michigan 48502.  The office personnel generally refer all genealogical research to the Flint Genealogical Society.  The Society provides volunteers to assist seekers on Fridays from 9:30am - 4:00pm at the Administration Building.  Marriage records from 1836, and Birth and Death records from 1867 are available, with restrictions on the issuance of birth certificates.  Copies of certified and non-certified vital and historical records are available.  Research inquiries are welcome.  Call: (810) 257-3225 or visit them online at county_clerk.  Check ahead of your visit as the County Clerk may be closed on some Fridays due to budget restraints.


Perry Archives - Sloan Museum
Located at 1221 E. Kearsley St., Flint, Michigan 48503, ph: (810) 237-3440.  Society volunteers provide assistance to researchers each Wednesday 9 am - 11 am, 12:30 pm - 3:00pm and by appointment only on other days.  Historical Archives and many other genealogy resources are found here.  An invaluable source of information on local land records, cemeteries, and funeral homes. See holdings




Our FGS logo on our office in the Sloan Museum.
office           Sloan
( On left above Our new office in the newly renovated Sloan Museum,
& photo of the Sloan Museum on the right above. )
The FGS office in the Sloan Museum is now open,
Wednesdays from 9 am - 11 am, 12:30 - 3pm.
And other times by appointment.






Click on the title of the map you wish to view.
Flint, Genesee County, Michigan
For an overview of Genesee County.
Flint, Michigan - Downtown
Downtown Flint including the Genesee County Courthouse.
Flint, Michigan - Downtown
Flint Public Library and Sloan Archives
Flint, Michigan - West
The west side of Flint including the Genesee County District Library
Burton Senior Center
Where the Flint Genealogical Society meets.


FGS Holdings at Sloan Museum’s "Sloan Archives" building
Compiled 5 May 1998 by Ruth Eigenauer


Newspaper obituaries of the Genesee County, MI area, starting about 1950, organized alphabetically in approximately 150 three-ring notebooks. Later clippings include 4 and 5 generation photo’s, wedding anniversaries and 80, 90 and 100 year birthday articles. Years 1982-1985 are sparse.


FGS Cemetery, Census and Quarterly Publications

All FGS Publications are available for research or purchase (See Publications List for mail orders).


Flint/Genesee County annual directories of homes and businesses

Late 1800’s-1970’s Some early directories list spouse, widows, occupation, and children of working age.


Record Books of former area Funeral Homes, much detail information (property of Sloan Museum)

Algoe-Gundry Funeral Home
Groves Funeral Home
Howard A. Loss Funeral Home



Family Books (family histories and diaries)

  Bigelow Family
Sarah Cushman Miles-Case diary
Clapp Family
Colburn & Gould Families
Covert (Bergen Covert Family)
Cross (Arthur Mac Lamb/Maude Mae Cross Family)
Cumming’s Family
Dodder Family
Eldridge Family
Farmer "Elisha" Family
Fox Family
Fuller Family
George Family
Gilbert Family
Goldthwaite Family
Gould - Colburn & Gould Families
Hempstead (Joshua Hempstead Family)
Henry (Matthew Henry Family)
Hill (George J. W. Hill Family)
Hughes Family
George Judson Family
Lovejoy Family
Arthur Mac Lamb/Maude Mae Cross
McNeil Family
Miles - Sarah Cushman Miles-Case diary
Papineau Family
Richard Family (1800-1980)
Rockefeller Family
Shaw Family
Skinner Family
Thorsby Family
Tilt Family
Tinker Family
Torrey Family
Thomas Family
Tupper Family
Tutt Family
Waite Family
Walworth Family
Wing Family


Resources at the Flint Public Library
Michigan Cemeteries
Genealogical Quarterlies


The Flint Genealogical Society
went to Ft. Wayne, IN on April 18, 2023.
It was 5 of us that made the trip.
To visit the Allen County Public Library website.
     This is the new Library card needed for making copies.
This is the genealogy section on the second floor.
This is my wife, Amy Little, doing her research.
Paradise Buffet
1411 Shook Dr, Auburn, IN 46706
This is where we ate, when we left the Library on our way back to Flint, MI.
Beecher Tornado
ABC TV 12 was at our meeting on, June 6, 2023.
I spoke with Matt Franklin, who told me that they will
broadcast it on Thursday June 8, 2023.
The 70th Anniversary of the tornado.
I went to their website and found this ( Click Here ) video.
The Flint Genealogical Society's
Next last meeting was: 
June 6, 2023      at     7 pm
at the
Burton Senior Center.
3410 S. Grand Traverse St., Burton, MI 48529
Our Speaker was:
Michael Heberling.*
* Michael gave a short presentation on the Beecher Tornado,
which after his presentation we opened the floor to group participation.
Topic was:
70th Anniversary of the Beecher Tornado.
We had 61 present for our meeting.  There were several who shared their stories, after Michael's presentation.