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By-Laws of the Flint Genealogical Society
As amended at Meeting 05 November 2018



1. Membership shall be of seven classes:

Individual, Family, Student, Sustaining, Honorary, Organization and Exchange.

(a) Individual Membership is maintained by paying annual dues at a rate approved by the Executive Committee.

(b) Family Membership, where there are two or more members in one household, the dues for the initial membership shall be at the regular rate, but the dues for any and all additional members of that family may be at a rate approved by the Executive Committee provided, however, that only the initial full rate member shall be carried on the mailing list. Such additional Family Membership shall be concurrent with the initial or full-rate Individual Membership only.

(c) Student Membership, is available to any student up to the age of 23.  Annual dues shall be $10.

(d) Sustaining Membership is available to all members who wish to contribute funds above a minimum of approximately twice the amount of the current membership dues. The difference between the Individual dues or Family dues (whichever applies) and Sustaining dues is tax deductible.

(e) Honorary Membership conferred upon any person whom the Executive Committee deems worthy., Honorary Members, including spouse shall not be required to pay dues.

(f) Organization Membership is available to any organization, desiring only to receive our Quarterly by paying annual dues. Such membership grants neither voting privileges nor eligibility to hold any office.

(g) Exchange Membership is available to similar genealogical societies desiring to exchange regular, in-kind Quarterly publications. Application for and continuation of such membership shall be adjudged by the Executive Committee. Such membership requires no annual dues, and grants no voting privileges nor eligibility to hold any office.


2. All classes of membership, except Exchange and Organization, are eligible to hold office and have privileges of full participation in all activities of the organization.

3. Any member joining after October first (1st) of any year may consider the dues paid the following year.

4. Annual dues shall be paid on or before January Fifteenth (15th) of the current year. Any member failing to pay their dues following the expiration of their paid-up membership shall be notified in writing of such delinquency. If the dues are not paid by February Fifteenth (15th), the member shall be dropped automatically from membership.

5. Delinquent dues may be paid at any time, but delinquent dues must be paid up by March 30 to be eligible to vote, or run for office.



1. The duties of the Officers shall be indicated by their respective titles and as specified in the By-Laws.


2. The President shall upon election to office:

(a) Preside at all Membership Meetings, Board of Directors Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings of this organization.

(b) Select the Chairpersons and assist with the selection of additional Committee members for all Standing Committees listed in ARTICLE III. Appoint, with the approval of the Executive Committee, all other Standing and Special Committees.

(c) Be a member ex-officio of all committees except any committee selected to recommend member(s) for Officer position(s).

(d) See that an audit is made of the Treasurer's books at the end of each election year prior to the January Executive Committee Meeting.

(e) Be empowered to disburse funds in the absence of the Treasurer.


3. The Vice-President shall:

(a) Assist the President in planning meetings and in other organizational duties, and perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve.

(b) Be empowered to disburse funds in the absence of both the President and Treasurer.


4. The Secretary shall:

(a) Keep an accurate record of all meetings.

(b) Perform such other duties as may be required in regard to maintaining records of the organizations.

(c) Maintain a current list of all standing rules adopted by the Society.


5. The Treasurer shall:

(a) Attend to all disbursements and shall have charge of all funds.

(b) Report the condition of all accounts including the receipts and disbursements each month at both the Executive Committee and Regular Member meetings.

(c) All the account books shall be open to inspection by the presiding officer upon a one (1) day request..


6. The Trustees shall:

(a) Act as a liaison between the Executive Committee and the general membership.

(b) Voice the opinions of the general membership at the Executive Committee Meetings.

(c) The two (2) incumbent Trustees with the longest time to serve shall be members of the Nominating Committee.


7. Officers upon retiring from office shall deliver to their successors all moneys, accounts, records, books, papers or other property which belong to the organization at the next Executive Committee Meeting.

8. Officers and Directors Commitment: Inability to fulfill the duties of the office or committee position, or unexcused absence for three (3) consecutive Boards of Directors or Executive Committee meetings shall be considered a resignation from office.

9. Non-Reimbursement  The Flint Genealogical Society will not purchase or reimburse any member for any item that can be substantially or materially used for other purposes.



1. There shall be the following Standing Committees of the Society. Each committee's chairperson shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee, unless otherwise elected according to the By-Laws. The President and committee chairpersons shall appoint members, with approval of the Executive Committee, to their respective committees. Committee chairpersons shall be responsible to the Treasurer for purchases of material for their respective committees.


(a) MICHIGAN GENEALOGICAL COUNCIL. The MGC delegates shall consist of two (2) voting delegates and two (2) non-voting delegates. Their duties shall be to represent the Society at all Council meetings and to keep the Society informed on Council actions.

(b) VITAL RECORDS RESEARCH The committee shall act as a service committee to other members and non-members, including those persons from afar, who are seeking assistance regarding birth, death and marriage records which are filed with the Genesee County Clerk's office.

(c) HISTORICAL RECORDS RESEARCH The committee shall help preserve public and private records, artifacts, and work to ensure their accessibility for historical and genealogical purposes. The committee shall slso prepare for publication any materials of interest and use to persons doing genealogical research.

(d) PUBLICATION The committee shall be responsible for all outgoing publications of the Society, with the exception of the Newsletter and library materials. The committee shall guide the publication of such materials the Society may, from time to time, request and approve.

(e) LIBRARY AND BOOK The committee shall serve as liaison between the Society and the Flint Public Library and select genealogical media for the use of Library patrons.

(f) MEMBERSHIP The committee shall maintain current and accurate membership records, provide notices of dues (payable and delinquent) and maintain pedigree records.

(g) BUDGET AND FINANCE The committee shall prepare a proposed annual budget for the Society to be presented to the Executive Committee for approval. The committee shall also oversee all fund raising projects and major expenditures as may be proposed by the Executive Committee.

(h) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION The committee shall provide, maintain and support the Society with technical computer guidance and service. The committee shall assist in maintaining a reliable e-mail service and/or web page.

(i) NEWSLETTER The committee shall publish genealogical and historical information in a regularly issued newsletter.

(j) PROGRAM The committee shall be responsible for membership meeting programs and any special programs sponsored by the Society and assigned by the President. These responsibilities may include facilities, set-up, technical equipment and hospitality.

(k) NOMINATING The committee shall be responsible for presenting a slate of candidates for Officer positions to the Board of Directors two months prior to each even numbered year Annual Meeting. The committee shall consist of the two (2) incumbent Trustees and two (2) members at large who are neither an Officer nor a Standing Committee chairperson, and are approved by the Executive Committee.

2. As the need arises for Special Committees the President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint a chairperson and assign responsibilities. Unless a shorter term is specified at the time of appointment, all Special Committee apointments shall expire at the expiration of the term of the President who makes the appointment.



1. The Membership Meeting in May shall be the Annual Meeting.

2. Membership Meetings shall be held on the first (1st) Tuesday of each month, with the exception of the months of July, and August, when no meetings will be held.  If the first Tuesday in January is New Years Day, the meeting will be moved to the second Tuesday.

3. Notice of Membership Meetings shall be communicated to each member at least ten (10) days before the date of the meeting.

4. Special Meetings may be called anytime by the President or upon request of three (3) members of the Executive Committee or Board of Directors.

5. Executive Committee Meetings shall be held on the last Tuesday of each month except the months of June and July..

6. Executive Committee Meetings may be called by the President or three (3) members of the Board when deemed necessary.

7. A Quorum at any Membership or Annual Meeting shall be fifteen (15) members present and voting.



The fiscal year shall begin with the first of January of the Calendar year.



1. The order of business of all meetings shall be as follows:

a. Call to Order,

b. Reading of the Minutes,

c. Report of Officers,

d. Report of Committees,

e. Unfinished Business,

f. New Business,



The By-Laws may be amended at any Membership Meeting.  To be adopted, amendments must have a two-thirds (67%) affirmative vote of the total votes cast.



Robert's Rules of Order Revised shall govern this Society in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with the Society's By-Laws.