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Flint Genealogical Society
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Flint Genealogical Society
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Persons interested in Genealogy and History, whether amateur or professional, are welcome to apply for membership in the Flint Genealogical Society.

Your membership includes a subscription to the Flint Genealogical Quarterly a special three issue publication.  New members are entitled to back issues sent electronically for the current year.  Those who join in October, will be considered members through the following year.  Our Quarterly publication starts in January. Back issues are available at additional cost.  As a new member you will receive two free ancestral charts.  When filled in and returned, they are officially recorded in the Society’s permanent historical record book.

Members are encouraged to submit historical information and genealogical materials of interest to the Quarterly Editor for official publication, preferably original documentation, and/or records of research.


Membership Dues
Renewals are due by January 15th of each year.
Annual dues are as follows:
Student:  $10.00  (Student under age 23)
Individual: $20.00
Family: $25.00 (in same household)
Sustaining: $40.00 and up ($20 or $25 applies to basic dues, the balance is tax deductible)
Organization: $20.00 (membership mailings only, no voting privileges or eligibility for office)
Exchange: In-Kind publication exchange with other organizations, as adjudged by our Executive Committee (no voting privileges or eligibility for office)
Note: the Flint Genealogical Quarterly is limited to one copy per household.



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Flint Genealogical Society

PO Box 1217

Flint, MI  48501-1217




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Flint Genealogical Society

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