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The Flint Genealogical Society's
Next meeting will be: 
December 5, 2023      at     7 pm
at the
Burton Senior Center.
3410 S. Grand Traverse St., Burton, MI 48529
Our Speaker will be:
Mona Ballge Miron.
Topic will be:
Our Hidden Settlement
Atherton to Burton, then and now.
Our Hidden Settlement
Rev. Mona Ballge Miron graduated from Rhema Bible College, 1996 and American Broadcasting School, 2004 receiving her FCC license, member of American Women in Radio & Television. Youth Pastor and attended SAGU and Mott College for business. Moved back home to Michigan in 2005. Sharing the “Good News” of God’s healing power from depression and a brain stem injury 1986, after a car accident. Mona shares her faith in Jesus’ name, through prayer, Ephesians 6. Focusing on God’s thoughts and peace, having the mind of Christ explained in Philippians 4. Sharing God's Love through music, film, and storytelling. M&M Ministry International Inc., her nonprofit. Always being kind is her motto! As a photojournalist traveling and writing on family genealogy. As founder of the Burton Area Historical Society Inc. public speaking, while writing a history column in the local paper, and writing her first book. Member of National Storyteller Network, VFW, USO and TED. Angel Studio, ICVM, Christian Worldview Film makers, Guilds. National Religious Broadcasters, supporter. Born and raised in Burton Township, Michigan, married 37 years, raising five children to be their best by helping others.
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Probate Court Research $10
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Recently someone asked about
It is now Michiganology.org
If you type "SeekingMichigan.org" it re-directs you and takes you to
Michiganology.org, but here is the link below.
Can you guess Where in
Genesee County, MI this is ?
WhereGC WhereGC
Your Clues are:
1.  North-West Genesee County
2.  On house has year "1886"
3.  On barn says "Woodlands Since 1842"
If you think you know where this is?
Send an email to:
by Tuesday December 5, 2023 - 12:00 midnight EST
In the email include:
Your answer
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*Because, of all the correct answers we will hold a drawing for some prizes.
Prizes will be anounced later.
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Digitizing My Family Tree: Formats, Software, and Techniques - Virtual Program

Thursday, December 7, 2023     6:30PM - 7:30PMZoom
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Explore the digital options for saving your family history research.  Explore the variety of desktop and web-based applications researchers can use for organizing their data. Review best practices for both using these applications and uploading digital scans of records to the software.


Find the full schedule of 2023 programs, registration information, and recordings

of past sessions at Michigan.gov/LMPublicPrograms.

RootsTech by FamilySearch is honored to announce its first keynote speaker, president and founder of the Dred Scott Foundation and great-great-granddaughter of Dred and Harriet Scott,
Lynne M. Jackson.

A remarkable woman, Lynne Jackson will take the RootsTech main stage on Friday, March 1, 2024, to speak on the importance of remembering and connecting with ancestors, touching upon the story of her great-great-grandparents, Dred and Harriet Scott, and how their legacy has shaped her life.
Online Registration FREE.
Jacob Smith, a Canadian-born German, and his Chippewa wife opened a trading post in 1819 where Flint is now located, then the site was called Grand Traverse or "the great crossing". Jacob Stevens, a farmer from New York state became the first settler in what then called Flint River in 1825.  Grand Blanc School - Fall of 1912
Genesee was organized as a county under an act of the Legislature, approved March 8, 1836, which provided "that the county of Genesee shall be organized, and the inhabitants thereof entitled to all the rights and privileges to which, by law, the inhabitants of the other counties of this State are entitled."
The county seat of Genesee county is Flint.
Find a Grave
Bendle Cemetery
Also known as Clayton Township Cemetery
Beecher Road, Flushing, Genesee County, Michigan, USA
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December 5th
Flint Genealogcal Society Meeting
  FGS Monthly Meeting,  will be at the   Burton Senior Center 3410 S Grand Traverse St., Burton, MI   48529     Our speaker will be    Mona Ballge Miron.                                          Topic will be Our Hidden Settlement Atherton to Burton, then and now.   ( Click here for more Information ...
January 2nd
Flint Genealogcal Society Meeting
  FGS Monthly Meeting,  will be at the   Burton Senior Center 3410 S Grand Traverse St., Burton, MI   48529     Our speaker will be    TBA.                                          Topic will be TBA.       See the January 2024 newsletter for more info. Visitors are always welcome.     ...
February 6th
Flint Genealogcal Society Meeting
  FGS Monthly Meeting,  will be at the   Burton Senior Center 3410 S Grand Traverse St., Burton, MI   48529     Our speaker will be    Kris Rzepczynski.                                          Topic will be Becoming American: Research with Naturalization Records.         See the February 2024 newsletter for more ...